Frequently Asked Questions

How to use:

Selection ways How to do
Selection Left click(mouse)
Multi-select CTRL + Left click
Rectangle selection Left click-and-dragging

The selected words can be edited by the following operations:

Tips:The multi-selected words (Hold the CTRL key or drag a rectangle over target words) will also appear in the word list. This will help you to delete/change the color and fonts.

Operations Shortcut Kyes How to do
Move / Left click-and-dragging on the selected word
Rotate R/E Right click-and-dragging at the corner of the selected word
SHIFT + Right click-and-dragging for rotating with certain angles(15°/30°/45°, etc.)
Resize ↑/↓ Scroll the mouse wheel
Delete Del Click the Button ‘Delete’, or key ‘Delete’
Change color & font / use the submenu at the lower right of the canvas
Remove force Z Hold the key ‘Z’ when editing

Button functions:

Buttons Shortcut Kyes Description
Undo/Redo Ctrl + Z/Y /
ReWordle Shift + R Use this function when there is too much empty space in the layout
Re-Layout / Randomly initialize the word cloud layout
WordsList / Remove, or change the color/font of the multiple words in the list
AddWord / Add a word with a given weight between 0 to 1
ForceOn/ForceOff / Switch on/off the forces in the system
See Box / You can see the words' boxes which will help you to find out where the words stuck.

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